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Selecting Good Wood

Tips in selecting good wood in lumber stores

If you really want your work to be perfect, you must have the perfect wood for the job. You can only do that if you are capable of choosing it yourself. You can't depend on others to do this for you because it is you who knows what to do with it.

Here are some of the tips that you can use when you are choosing wood in the lumber store.

1. Know the different classes and types of wood

There are many woods to choose from, all with unique characteristics. However, not all woods will cater to your needs and requirements.

- On wood classes

There are two classes of wood, defined by the kind of trees from which they came from. So, we have hardwood and softwood.

Hardwoods belong to the group of plants that we call angiosperms. These are flower-bearing plants that have broad leaves. On the other hand, softwoods, or conifers, belong to the gymnosperm plant groups. They don't have flowers, but they bear seeds.

These aren't the only things that set them apart. Constitution-wise, hardwood produces more attractive lumber because of the patterns produced by the various types vertically aligned cells. This is the reason why most hardwoods are used as materials in furniture and decorative items.

Softwood, on the other hand is used as framework in structures, and as flooring material. Contrary to its name, most of the softwoods are harder and stronger than hardwoods.

- On wood grades

Woods can be classified into two grades, select and common grades.

Select lumbers are excellent types of wood that are almost 100% free of blemishies. These are used when there is a high need for a beautiful finish and appearance.

Common grade lumbers are woods that have appearance flaws and are basically used in general projects and in construction.

- On wood types

There are types of wood that is best suited to your needs. There are also types which will make the job more difficult for you because of some setbacks. That is why you must know these wood types and their special characteristics and flaws.

- Pines can be stained in a variety of colors. That is why it is preferred to be used in indoor projects. It is also ideal for cabinet making because it can easily be cut and sanded, plus it offers stability and durability.

- Poplars don't have many pores so it is ideal for work that needs painting to give that very smooth look.

- Birch wood isn't that easy to use since it is difficult to drive nails on its surface. It also produces an uneven tone when stained.

- Spruces are lightweight, so it is used in travel vehicles like ships and aircraft.

- Cedars have a sweet taste, so it is advisable to use it in lining closets and building storage chests.

- Redwoods are naturally resistant to decaying. That is why it is a commendable wood type to be used in outdoor furniture, fences, and other damp areas.

- There are also chemically treated types of lumber that offer better protection from decaying due to water exposure. These types of wood work best as outdoor walls.

- Cherries, oak, maple, and the likes have really nice grain patterns that can be used as accents in woodworks.

- Rosewoods are used in creating musical instruments such as pianos because of the high polish finish and its reddish color.

2. Be aware of the deformations and defects of the wood.

You must be aware of the deformations that can affect the quality of work that you will produce from the wood. You have to closely examine if the wood has the following:

- physical deformities such as twisting, cupping, bending, and crooking that will affect the shape and stability of the work;

- cosmetic flaws such as knots and checks.

- splits that must be cut off immediately since it will widen as long as it is present in the wood.

Now that you know these things, it will be easy for you to choose the kind of wood that will be the foundation for your works-of-art.


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