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Guide To Marketing Woodworking Products

There are several hundred websites offering to build a house, or create custom-made furniture. A woodworker faces stiff competition everyday.

How does one market his furniture? What is the most effective way to reach the target audience and to start building projects? Below are some tips.

x) Advertise locally

There are community-sponsored trade shows where you can show your woodworking projects. It is also a form of market research; you can test a product’s popularity and meet people who are interested in buying. People who display woodworking crafts are usually the ones starting out in business, but medium scale businesses can benefit from local trade shows, as well, because they will be able to get feedback right away.

Aside from local trade shows, a craftsman can ask bigger businesses to sell his products on a consignment basis. Normally the store will ask for a percentage of the sale, but there is no charge for the display space, so it should all work out equally.

x) Network

You can also ask for the help of family and friends to market your woodworking products. Friends normally start by buying and using the products, and soon, by word of mouth, the news will spread.

x) Try the magazines

Magazine advertisements reach more people in the county or state. It will be better to place ads in magazines that are read by your target market. There are woodworking magazines that sell ad space for hobbyists and artisans alike. To ensure that people notice the advertisement, you can hire an artist to take photos of the products and create the layout of the page.

x) Demonstration

While most people don't understand the time and effort spent in creating something out of wood, serious buyers consider a product’s individuality. They enjoy watching the painstaking process of creating a work of art, so it is advised that woodworkers set up a demonstration at a local trade show.

x) There’s always the internet You also have the option to create a website and post photos online. It will be better if the website is configured in such a way that it can handle online transactions.

There is also the added option to hire a broker to help an artisan with the business. A woodwork broker, aside from being able to broker deals for his client, should be able to offer advice about where and when to advertise, as well as provide vital market information.


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