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Learning The Tricks: Handkerchief Tricks

Magic tricks have been around for centuries and are practiced in every society. They are among the most popular past times both for children and adult.

Tricks may make use of materials or objects such as coins, cards, tables, game cards, and number tricks but the one that remains to be the most popular among children and the one that is first learned by a beginner is the handkerchief.

Linen or Silk?

Tricks using a handkerchief can be either performed in whatever material it was made of. However, the type of tricks to be performed determines the type of handkerchief you are to use.

For knots and similar activities, a silk handkerchief is chiefly used because they slide quickly in the process of tying up. Other magic tricks using a handkerchief requires a hard material like linen as in the case of bringing about a hypnotized effect on a handkerchief.

Below are just some of the most common magic tricks that involve the use of handkerchief together with explanations on how magic works.

v Standing Handkerchief


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