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How To Find The Right Microphone For Singers

In the singing industry, the journey to building a professional singer doesn't end in developing his or her voice to its fullest potentials. You must also know the dynamics of a microphone to fully utilize it and have a beautiful song recording or amplification as an output. You can only do so by knowing the best microphones used for singing purposes.

The real deal when choosing microphones is testing its end results. There are no hard rules in determining what microphone you will use for singing purposes. However, there are some aspects that have to be considered in getting the ideal microphone in various occasions.

- Dynamic vs. Condenser microphones

Many people will tell you that it is okay to use inexpensive dynamic microphones in recording and amplifying vocals (especially in singing). However, other sound engineers may tell you that it is better to use condenser microphones since they are more sensitive to sound and are more flexible.

If you are after the variety of use of the microphone, it is best to have a condenser microphone. It may be expensive and more complex to use, it offers a lot of settings that can adapt to various situations and various singing styles.

Condenser microphones are used in the broadcast industry to ensure the fidelity of sound picked up and reproduced.

- Microphones with multiple pick-up patterns

The microphones pick-up patterns refer to the capacity of the microphone to pick up sounds in its surroundings. It is advisable to have a microphone that can be configured to suit different pick up patterns. Generally:

- Unidirectional microphones lessen the pick up of echoes and are recommended for a soloist singer - Bipolar microphones are recommended in duet song numbers - Multi-directional microphones are ideal in the recording and amplification of choral groups.

-Wireless Microphones

When there are song numbers that require mobility, there are numerous microphones that can be used. Like the handheld wireless microphone and the headset unit that can be worn during song-and-dance performances. To ensure the quality of the sound that will be produced, a test performance must be held before hand to configure the microphone's settings.

As a final tip, to assure the quality of microphones that you will be buying without investing much money, you have the option to rent microphones first, and test it. Then the decision will come after you hear its output when used in singing purposes.


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